Contribute to The Apeiron Blog.

Write for a fast growing Philosophical space which aims to elicit discussion and debate on matters of the universe.

Contribute to The Apeiron Blog.

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Table of contents.

  1. Getting published on our Medium Publication.
  2. Getting published on our site.
  3. Tips for successfully getting published.
  4. Members articles.
  5. Our rules.
  6. Enquiries and getting in touch.

1. Getting published on our Medium Publication.

If you would like to get your work featured on our Publication, then you’ll need to set up an account on Mediumafter this; you will have your very own Medium username.

To get registered as an official writer you will also need to fill in this form.

Within 24 hours, we will add you as a writer on The Apeiron.

After we’ve added you as an author, we’ll need you to submit your article to our publication:

  1. From the Medium home page, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click New Story.

2. Write your Article (or copy and paste it in,) including a header and subtitle. Next, click the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, click add to publication, and then add to The Apeiron Blog. You will then be able to submit your finished work to our editors.


Once it’s been added, we’ll review it within 7 days, and inform you if your work is going to be published. You will be fully credited in accordance with Mediums guidelines and will be featured on our Twitter page.

2. Getting published on our Site.

To maximise exposure for you as a writer, all of our articles are also published on our site:

If your article is successfully published on our Medium publication, then you will be contacted within 24 hours by our head editor with instructions of how to get your work published for a second time.

You will get an email asking you set up an account with our site, and from there: in a similar nature to Medium, you just need to click Write, copy and paste in your article, and click add to The Apeiron Blog.

Don’t worry about formatting on our site, our editor can sort that for you.

3.Tips for successfully getting published.

For examples of the work we publish, click here.

a) Content of writing.

The Apeiron is a factual and informative publicationrather than a place for empty speculation without theory to back it up.

This means that we are looking for articles that relate to well know, academic, or theory based Philosophers.

And if you want to write an article on your own ideas, you should always relate it back to theories, or clear empirical evidence.

For example:

Rather than writing: I think God exists.

Instead write: Descartes’ cosmological argument has persuaded me that God exists.

There is a subtle difference, however one is informative and educational, whereas the other is opinionated and lacks any true force.

We do not accept articles:

  • That are arrogant in tone: this is something we see far too often, and it is this that gives Philosophers a bad reputation.
  • Where you write with an agenda: promoting your bookor where you have “invented” a new philosophy, without the evidence or theories to back it up, as this will collapse into speculation again.

b) Writing style.

Note, this is where 90% of submissions fall down (and are rejected as a consequence.)

As The Apeiron is for people who have never studied philosophy before, we are looking for an accessible and easy to read writing style.

We don’t want sentences that contain undefined jargon, that rely on pre — existing knowledge.

These are relevant in the academic texts you are reading, but The Apeiron is supposed to be a synthesis of this information into an easy to read format, rather than regurgitating what you have read.

And if the topic requires you to use jargon, then you must always define key terms at the beginning of the article.

New to Philosophy readers have no pre -existing understanding of the jargon you are using. Using it will likely confuse them. Instead, we are looking for inspiring, easy to access useful information that can be understood quickly and easily.

As a rule of thumb, if I read an article on a topic which I have no pre -existing knowledge of, and I find it difficult to understand, I will immediately reject it. Because if I, someone who studies Philosophy full time cannot understand it, how can we expect someone who has never studied it before to?

c) Fields of Work.

We welcome articles from a range of fields. But we are predominantly looking for articles in relation to Philosophy, Psychology or the natural sciences.

  • These are not absolute, though: our editors are always on the look out for informative articles to topics that might be of use in Philosophy. And I’m sure our readers are, too.

4. Members articles.

As a fast growing publication, we aim to provide as much exposure to our writers as possible.

It is for this reason, that we do not accept members only articles for first time The Apeiron authors. This is because members articles drastically reduce our audience, and our aim is to provide free, engaging information for all.

If you are a regular writer for us: we do allow members only articles, but they must feature on a ratio of 1:4, meaning that we will publish every 4th article you write as a members only (essentially, you must have written 3 previously.)

If you submit articles that do not act in accordance with these rules, your article will immediately be rejected.

This rule is exempt for Medium writers who already have a large engagement of over 1k followers, who may submit any article as Members only.

5. Our rules.

a) Do you accept pre – published articles?

We prefer currently unpublished Medium articles as a means to maximise both yours and our exposure. However, we do also accept currently published articles.

Submitting a pre — published one will lead it to become listed in accordance with their pre-existing date, rather than automatically being featured at the top of our page.

b) Can I publish my article elsewhere?

For SEO and exposure reasons, we prefer articles to be exclusively on our page: meaning we will not accept articles that are published in numerous places. If they are already published in a variety of places, and you wish for it to be published: we may ask you to remove the others.

We do, however post your work on both our Medium page and site; in order to boost your exposure.

Again, those with a large Medium engagement of over 1K followers are exempt from this rule.

c) Removing your article after publication?

Upon uploading your article, you are committing to it remaining published on our page. Removing it without contacting us first is a direct violation of our rules, and you will be removed as an official contributor to The Apeironand all future articles will be rejected.

6. Enquires

We are an independent, student run blog. For this reason, we aim to respond to all enquiries within 7 days.

However, during our Exam season, emails will take less priority and thus will take longer for us to respond. If this is the case, you will receive an automated email informing you that we have received your request and will respond to it shortly.

Please send all enquires to:

Alternatively, contact us on Twitter: @theapeironblog

And you’re set! Welcome to The Apeiron writing team.