About Us

Why we started making Philosophy simpler.


As a Philosophy student at University:

One of the most common questions I get asked by non — philosophy students is always “what exactly is philosophy?”

Philosophy is a dying subject, yet it remains important for so many reasons.

It asks a wide variety of key questions about the universe which are both fascinating, and have key practical importance. It elicits debate on discussions of Morality, Metaphysics, Discussions on God, Ancient Philosophy, Consciousness, Analytical and Continental Philosophy and so much more.

Not only that, it is fantastic for developing a toolkit for evaluating and winning arguments. Meaning it allows you to evaluate what current Politicians are saying, and decide for yourself whether it’s Philosophical bullshit (Frankfurt, 2005).

It’s for these reasons, and so many more that we became fascinated by key Philosophical questions about life, but also disappointed that it is not mainstream, nor widely followed.

We aim to change that.

With that in mind, The Apeiron Blog is a free to read, fortnightly blog which aims to elicit discussion on questions of the universe in an accessible and easy to read way.

Articles feature between 500–1500 words, displayed in a factual, reader — friendly manner and always finish with open ended questions — offering the ability to answer such questions with a comment.

We do this with the hopes of educating, and inspiring those who are less knowledgeable in the realms of philosophy to engage in discussions, and to come to conclusions on key questions about life.

We also hope that current philosophers will engage in discussion with us.

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