About Us

About Us

Having studied topics related to the Philosophy of Religion whilst at school, I soon became intrigued by Philosophical questions on the Universe, particularly those rooted in Ancient Philosophy.

Now a student studying at the University of Nottingham, I created Apeiron with the hopes that it will allow myself and others to creatively and freely explore our interests in the field : whilst also giving me an opportunity for personal development when discussing key questions on the meaning of life, and the universe.

I also created Apeiron in the hope that it will intrigue and educate people who have not previously encountered Philosophy before. With short, easy to read and accessible articles, it is designed so that anyone with no prior knowledge can understand it’s content.

Topics of discussion will be closely linked to my encounters at University, but over time I also hope to venture to less common, yet interesting fields. Expect discussion in the fields of Ancient Philosophy, Discussions on God, Ethics and Metaethics, Analytic and Continental Philosophy, Consciousness and more.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Jon Hawkins.

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