We’ve Moved!

Dear Fellow Reader,

You may have noticed our output of articles has increased over the last few months.

We try and touch on a range of fields. To maintain the adequate level of expertise to guarantee each piece is heavily researched and accurate; our team of writers has increased.

With that, our readership has grown exponentially. We have just hit 50,000 views over the last 30 days – and we’re fast approaching our first 500 followers.

Right now, most of our articles are exclusive to our Medium publication. In doing so, our writers are paid for their hard work. As you can imagine, that allows us to appeal to a larger pool of writers: all of whom carry unique expertise and invaluable insight.

Our purpose hasn’t changed. The Apeiron will continue to provide the value of Philosophy in an easy to read, and accessible way on a daily basis.

But, for the time being, we won’t be featuring all of our work on our website.

Instead, everything will be exclusively published on our Medium Publication. That keeps all our work together, in one place – making things a little bit simpler for you as a reader.

We will continue to curate and publish our top performing articles on this site – but that will be a lot less regularly.

If you’d like to continue your Philosophical journey with us, just head on over to our Medium publication: https://medium.com/the-apeiron-blog

You can also sign up to our free Mailing List here.

See you there!

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