Self-Knowledge & the Evolution of Being

Part 3 — Adolescence: Discovering Your Soul

Take a look at the entirety of your life, from the moment you slipped out of your mama’s womb to now, and ask yourself if there was a point along this journey when you discovered the “I”? Yes, the ego — that incessant voice in your head — but also the formless, boundless, non-transferable divinity in you: the “I”?

What about if we take a bird’s-eye view of the evolution of human thought? Is there a point in time when humanity first discovered the “I”? Once discovered, how were we then able to share something that can’t be removed from you? That is, how could we have conceptualized it and pointed others to it if they had not yet witnessed the “I” for themselves?

What did — or might — this discovery look like for you, individually, and what did it look like for humankind? What is its significance to your being?

Soak with me in these sweet sounds of reverie.

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