A Philosophic Analysis of Face Masks

Pascal’s Wager represents a nonpartisan approach to wearing a mask

Should I cover my face or not wear a mask? The question we all must answer. Science shows face covers save lives by stopping the spread of COVID-19. But many people view face masks as a governmental intrusion on our freedom. We are Americans. We do not like being told what to do.

Masks prevent respiratory droplets from transmitting the virus from one person to another. Others feel cloth, reusable face covers represent and over-hyped issue by the mainstream media promoted by Bill Gates and the deep state designed to control our behavior…and increase the sales of cotton fabrics and elastic ear ties.

The reality is many Americans do not agree on the value of Facemasks…except for scientists, epidemiologists, hospitals, The Center for Disease ControlThe World Health OrganizationThe Joint Commission, The American Medical Association, The National Institute of Health, …..so almost no one.

This article is exclusively featured on our Medium publication. Follow this link to read it in full.

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