Mindfulness vs Daydreaming - How to Harness Both for Peak Creativity

Balancing mental health & imagination.

In comparison to body size, human beings possess the largest brains of all vertebrates. Throughout evolution, our survival has always depended on becoming the dominant species. Adapting, innovating, growing and figuring out ways to live with increased comfort as time unravels itself.

Without creativity and forward-thinking ideas, we’d still be running around in animal skins and living in caves. I’d be writing this article (in visual form) on the walls with charcoal and possibly a bit of ground-up rock for added vibrancy.

“The human brain is by far the most complex physical object known to us in the entire cosmos” — Owen Gingerich.

Fast forward to today — Artists, writers, scientists, technicians, musicians, architects, designers, lecturers, doctors, surgeons, the forces, and engineers of all descriptions (a non-exhaustive list) are all harnessing the capabilities of the mind for purposeful work.

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