Wittgenstein and Music

An interesting triage of musical quality by one of the worlds most famous philosophers.

I ran across a paper entitled Wittgenstein, Modern Music, and the Myth of Progress written by Eran Guter. It is pretty dense stuff, as good philosophy tends to be, but I like the categorization presented by Guter.

Guter’s study is based not on a work published by Wittgenstein, but on entries in Wittgenstein’s copious diaries. In several of his diary entries, Wittgenstein made a distinction between three kinds of music: badvacuous, and good.

These are categories that apply to any form of art. I will try to express them in simpler terms Wittgenstein and Guter’s idea of three kinds of music.

…This article is exclusively featured on our Medium publication. Follow this link to read it in full.

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